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Polyfemos AS was founded in 1992 in Alta by Arnstein Johansen. The business concept was to produce Road Markers from polypropylene. Later other products were added such as Warning mesh and Cable Ducts for use in broadband networks (polyethylene). The company Polyfemos was sold to Norsk Wavin AS in 2007, and for a long period of time Polyfemos was the most profitable unit in the Wavin Group. Nevertheless, the factory in Alta was closed down in autumn 2012. The old machinery were moved to the other Wavin-factory in Norway (Løken in Høland).



Along with entrepreneur Arnstein Johansen and local investors, former Polyfemos employees have restarted plastic production in Alta autumn 2013. This time with the latest technology available in the market.

The name Polyfemoshas been associated with the business in Alta for more than 20 years and the name is not just a link to plastic rawmaterials (often named polymers). Polyfemos is also a legendary figure in Homer's poetry about the journey back home from the Trojan War (The Odyssey). Polyfemos was son of Posseidon (God of the Sea) and leader of people called the cyclopes in Sicily. The cyclops was stubborn one-eyed giants with immense powers. Legend says that the hero Odysseus was trapped by Polyfemos, but managed to escape after blinding the giant with a glowing pole. He suffered under the anger of Posseidon and his return back home to Ithaka was further delayed.


We have chosen to continue to use the one eye of Polyfemos in the company's new logo. This symbolizes our focus on innovation. You can also find some of our innovations in the symbolism of the logo. The contours show the hexagonal drum which the whole industry has gradually adopted. The use of color shows our relations to the north and the ocean ​​with the span between midnight sun and winter darkness. The eye in the angular frame shows our flexibility and the open eyes show our reliability in deliveries to all kinds of projects.


When Wavin left Alta, the employees were not given the opportunity to acquire either the machines or the buildings. Just before Wavin disbanded in Alta, they registered  "Polyfemos" as a trademark. The Patent Office eventually agreed and the new Polyfemos was asked to choose a new name. Likewise as in the legend when Polyfemos was blinded, someone is trying to keep us out of business. However there are several cyclopes. We have choosen to use the name the cyclop "Arges" in our new company name and profile. Arges was the son of Uranos (heaven) and Gaia (earth) and also a one-eyed giant. Together with his brothers, he was known for his blacksmith's art. They siblinghs worked for Zeus (king of the Gods and God of the sky and thunder) to forge lightning for him. With the name Arges, we want to signal that the spark that will give us new energy to re-establish our position in the market is now lit.

Arges AS will be the leading provider of solutions for broadband networks in Scandinavia with a focus on innovation, flexibility and reliability.



1Polyfemos (greek: Πολύφημος) from gr. poly 'many' and gr. femos 'famous' or 'spoken of

2Arges (greek: Ἄργης) from gr. arges 'lightning'




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